Labels at Work

#LabelsAtWork: Passion Lives at the Heart of the Music Ecosystem

The modern record label consists of dedicated, experienced teams who partner with artists to bring fans the world's best music.

While the core functions of finding, developing and breaking the next music star have not changed, how that’s done today is dramatically different, thanks in part to the advent of music streaming services. It takes a coordinated global team to support and nurture an artist’s vision.

We’ve seen it all in the music biz:  The legends, the one-hit wonders, the cult favorites, and even the superbly talented artists who never quite make it to commercial success. We love them all. We invest in them all.

As with cutting-edge industries from aerospace, to innovative medicines, to music, not every bright prospect makes it. Most do not. As with technological innovation, failure (at least in the commercial sense) is an inescapable part of the creative arts.

Labels know that failure is part of the journey. We cultivate a pipeline of promising talent and take on much of the financial risk of developing aspiring musicians and artists, so that they are able to take their own artistic risks. We surround them with the expertise, the relationships, and the economic scale to give them their best chance for success.

Meanwhile, we create reliable work and steady paychecks for songwriters, musicians, producers, engineers and the many others who play indispensable music industry roles.

Music is our passion, and we make it possible for these artists and artisans to earn a livelihood from their passions. The result: More great music than would ever be possible absent this strong, supportive, and nurturing ecosystem.

Learn more about #LabelsAtWork and their role in the music ecosystem.

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